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Works with a variety of renowned accounting firms to provide quality and cost-effective AI Accounting and intelligent consultancy Service.

1) Fast - scan and upload your documents, and you are done.

2) Accurate - Standardize and accurate accounting data via AI technology. Significantly reduce human error.

3) Cloud Storage - reliable perpetual storage in Singapore Ali Cloud. No more missing documents and they are easy to track.

Corporate Services

Corporate tax advisory, tax administrative services, company secretarial and its related services…

AI Accounting

Standardize and Accurate Accounting Service via A.I. & Machine Learning…

Intelligent Consulting Services

Total Solution of Intelligent of Business and Financial Consultancy Service Via Big Data Analysis…

Value Added Services

Accounts administrative support services, office address rental services, incorporation, legal services, third party products etc...

Service Structure

Well Known Accounting Firms provide good quality and cost-effective Accounting Service by using AI Accounting Platform.

Members Firms

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